Why you Should be Backing Up your Files

Backing up your files might seem like an unnecessary step, but there are a variety of scenarios when this can come in handy. Getting into good practice with backups will mean that you can benefit from these advantages:

File Recovery

One of the main reasons to backup your files is so that you can recover them should anything happen. This could be down to user error, system failure or even physical damage. You never know when this can happen, so you should have regular backups to backup newer files too.

If you only have older, less relevant files in your backup then it’s not as effective as it could be.

It’s Simple

By working with an IT company like ours, you don’t even have to think about taking a backup as everything’s done for you. This makes it simple for you to retrieve your files if you need them, without actually having to do anything. Many people avoid backing up their files because they think it will be difficult or time consuming but this isn’t the case.

Remote Working

Having all of your files stored on one terminal might work for you day to day, but what happens when you need to work remotely? Being unable to access these files may hinder you from being able to work, so don’t just keep them on your own computer. Get them online securely and you’ll be able to access them anywhere that you can get an internet connection.

If you’re not taking backups but want to arrange to do so, then get in touch with us at Novus IT. We’ll make it simple for you to retrieve your files anywhere at any time.

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