Common Office IT Problems

Office IT problems can spring up at any time and take away from your productivity. If you want to be ready to tackle common office IT problems, then this is the blog for you!

Outdated Hardware and Software

If it’s been a while since you refreshed your equipment or software, then this can cause problems. Older computers will start to slow down as new programmes and software are added to them. If you don’t clear them out now and again, they’ll begin to lag.

Computers can last a long time, if they’re correctly maintained. If you don’t want to entirely repurchase all new computers, then there may be hope for your older computers yet! They can be wiped and reinstalled to allow for smoother processes.

While new hardware represents an investment, it can seriously up your productivity. If members of staff are spending longer on tasks because of the hardware, then this is eating into their time.

Broken Peripherals or Hardware

If your employees aren’t taking care of equipment properly, or accidentally break something, then you have to make arrangements for replacements. With some peripherals, like keyboards, this can be easy enough. If screens or inner components are broken, then it can become a lot more complicated to replace them.


Where employees download software or messages, there is the potential for viruses to infect a computer. This can feel unavoidable at times, especially if you’re not entirely sure of the warning signals of a virus. Proper anti-virus software is essential, otherwise you may potentially lose large amounts of data.

Even employees that are computer savvy can fall prey to these viruses, as they can be pretty well disguised. Don’t leave it up to employees to protect their computers.

Have you been experiencing these common office IT problems? If they’re affecting your productivity then get in touch with us to get your office IT in order!

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