IT Procurement Services

Expanding your business? You may need some more computers and equipment for your new employees.  When you come to Novus IT and use our IT procurement services, we can scour our network of contacts to find you the best options for new equipment.


Use Our Expertise to Your Advantage

We know the tech industry inside and out, and we will be able to find you the best equipment for your needs. Whether it is computers and laptops for all your staff or brand-new office suites for everyone to use, we develop with our client’s setup procedures which match your internal company policies, which means if you only need to give us the go ahead and we will make sure everything is setup and compliant with your company security standards / policies.

We can track down the latest top-of-the-line equipment for you. Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, we can personalise and tailor our IT procurement services to get you exactly what you require. Once you have purchased your equipment, there is little in the way of after-care support.

As an IT company – we can provide you with any help you need to maintain your Network, laptop or PC to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. Our bespoke IT packages don’t stop at IT procurement.


Something Green

Even if you are looking for something a little more environmentally friendly, we can help! Why buy new when you can get a fantastic piece of refurbished equipment? We offer up to three-year warranty on all our refurbished computers, so you know you can have a guarantee of a few years good work out of them.

This option is also usually less expensive than buying brand-new – so if you are on a budget, or not keen to invest a certain amount can be a good alternative.