Getting the Most from Office365

Your Office365 subscription can do so much more than just allowing you to edit and create documents. While you might be using the basic features of this package, you can take these tips to get more from Office365.

Create Teams

If you want to save time on logistics and sharing documents, then it’s time to use the teams function in this software. This makes for a much smoother collaborative process, as each user can access the files they need, when they need them. Users can lock documents while they work on them and revoke access when a team no longer needs them.

This allows for real time editing too, so you can work together on documents. This reduces the need for extra communications and sending of new versions of the files.

Use your OneDrive

As part of your subscription, you’ll get increased access to OneDrive. This will give you more space and allow you to access your files wherever you are. This cloud based solution can free up space on your computer and create a backup in case anything should happen to it. This is a free service so you really should be making the most of it!

You can also use this as an app on your mobile device for speedy access to your files. It’s easy and secure, so you can use this for just about any file.

Access the Web Apps

As you sign into your Office365 account, you can also use the web apps. For lightweight processing and simple document editing, you don’t have to download anything. You can just pop online with any modern browser and do what you need to do. This is particularly useful on mobile, as you don’t have to download anything using your mobile data.

If you’re interested in using Office365 for your business, then get in touch with us. We can advise you on the different packages available and the advantages of each.

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