How To Improve the Performance Of Your PC

It can be extremely frustrating when your PC gradually starts to slow down through time and doesn’t work at the speed it did when you first got it. However, there are a few ways to keep your pc running as good as new and improve its performance to increase productivity within your business. If you want to improve computer performance, then look at some of our tips below.

Deleting Programs

If you have had your PC or a while, you may find that a lot of the content on it is never used which could be taking up valuable space that your computer needs to make it run quicker. Review what you have downloaded and what apps you have. Uninstall and delete anything that you don’t use and ones that you can download on another device then you will find that you improve computer performance overall.

Minimise the Number of Programs Running at Start-up

When you first turn your computer on try not to open up all the tasks at once no matter how eager you are to start your working day. Give it time to adjust before opening tabs and files because this can slow down the process and take everything longer to load for you.  When you open up fewer programs at the same time you will be able to see a difference in how quick your PC will perform.

Restart Your PC Regularly

This is one of the simplest tips to consider when you want to improve computer performance, however, it is one that many people forget to do. Ideally, you should aim to restart your PC at least one or two times per week. This is the best way to clear out memory and close the running software on your PC. If you have many emails and even web pages open without frequently restarting your computer, you will find that it will be a lot slower.

Purchase More Hardware

When your computer is running out of memory all the time, the purchase of more memory for your PC you will see an improvement in your PC’s overall performance as it will increase the speed of your device and you will be able to store more of what you need on your computer.  Also the consideration of an Hard drive upgrade can make a huge difference to your efficiency.

Check for Viruses

If you find that your PC is running slower than usual it is possible that it could have picked up a virus from a website you may have clicked on. It is important to check regularly to make sure your PC is protected from viruses before they become a bigger issue. To keep your PC safe from viruses it is a good idea to make sure you run up to date antivirus software when you are using your computer.

If the computers in your company are running slow, then get in touch with Novus IT and we can check how we can help you.

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